about SAN SHO

季節料理 さん昇-Seasonal Cuisine, さん昇 (SAN SHO, pronounced Sun-show)
opened its doors to the public for the first time on July 30th,2012.
This day, according to the Six-Day Buddhist calendar, is considered to be auspicious and lucky.
The delectable food being served in SANSHO is delivered directly from the chef’s birthplace in TOTTORI Prefecture, located in the South of Honshu, Chugoku region.
Succulent fish is delivered freshly from Akasaki in Sakai Minato, and the mountain fresh vegetables, which are received from contracted vegetable farms in Kurayoshi may be served with a side of rice which was harvested and delivered directly from Yoshino.
A symphony of soy sauce, Miso and gourmet salt are specially selected to suit and complement this local cuisine, which is prepared by using traditional methods of Japanese style cooking in combination with modern sensitivity and flair.
Experience the intimacy of Japan and savor the taste of this exquisite meal of perfection, which is served on the delicate Fukumitsu, Hakuto and Ushinoto serveware.

We are greatly looking forward to your visit.

As we are a complete dining experience which uses all our senses; including those of aromas which add to our specialized dishes, we would like to request that our guests refrain from overly using perfumes or scents that may take away from the overall ambience.


Omakase Course
(A seasonal meal, personally selected by the chef)

Asahi Jukusen ¥840-Draft Beer
Shochu (Japanese spirits) ¥630〜
Sake (Traditional Japanese spirits, made from rice) ¥735〜
Sparkling wine ¥10500~
Bottle wine ¥4200〜
Non Alcohol Beverages ¥525〜


Counter (seats 8)
3 Tables (seats 8 – 2 tables seating 2 , 1 table seating 4)
a total of 16 seats

Business hours

18:00-23:00 22:00 last order
Reservation required.
Doors open for service from 5pm,however we can begin taking reservations by phone from 1pm.Our hours of operation remain 6pm-11pm.
Holiday: Mondays, Summer time and New year’s.


For reservations or to contact us for further information;
Seasonal Cuisine San Sho
8-16 Daikanyama cho,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0034

TEL&FAX: 03-6416-5980
International: +81(3)-6416-5980

Nearest Stations
7 minutes walk from Tokyu Toyoko Line Daikanyama station, Main Exit.
12 minutes walk from JR Ebisu station, Exit West.
15 minutes walk from JR Shibuya station, Exit South.